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Welcome. I teach World History, with a focus on Asia and the Pacific Rim, at Connecticut College, a small liberal arts college in southern New England. This web site, "Teaching the Virtual Past," aims to showcase some of the work my students and I have accomplished using Multimedia, Social Media, and other digital technologies that are revolutionizing the practice of historical inquiry. In many cases, my students and I have found that the new venues for accessing the digital past allow us to engage with history in unprecedented ways. Likewise, the burgeoning practice of digitizing the past gives us new tools and perspectives for articulating our historical findings. Many students enjoy the challenge to digitize their research. And they welcome the freedom to experiement with robust new interfaces including digital mapping, image archiving, and video editing tools. In addition to showcasing their work, this site also aims to encourage reflection about the future of the humanities classroom. Feedback and questions about best practices for teaching the virtual past are highly encouraged. Thank you for visiting.
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